Richland Branch

Richland Branch
Richland, Washington

Building Area:
4,800 square feet

Project Status:
Completed 2004

Chervenell Construction Co.


The Richland Branch, located at the corner of Swift Boulevard and Jadwin Avenue, was originally constructed in 1967.  Before the renovation, the appearance of the lobby might have transported customers directly back to the 1960's.  There was concern that this dated appearance might hamper the branch's ability to compete with other local financial institutions.  Through this project, the building exterior was updated including new paint, signage and standing seam metal roofing.  The interior underwent a complete renovation providing new ceilings and lighting.  All wall and floor finishes were updated as well as the cabinetry and teller line.

The wall separating the offices from the lobby was reconstructed to provide full height relights allowing full views of the lobby and teller line from the offices.  All of the furniture in the public areas was also replaced.